Best Launchers To Refresh Your Android Smartphone Experience

Many times, users get bored with the way their Android smartphones’ interface looks like, in particular, if the devices they own doesn’t offer many customization options. Luckily, launchers are an excellent way to reinvigorate your Android smartphone. Today, we’ll present you the best launchers to refresh your Android smartphone experience.

Launchers are offering users more power to customize their Android devices with dozens of new themes and icon packs. Usually, launchers also come with additional features to allow us to control how are our smartphones performing when swiping screens or launching applications.

Best Launchers To Refresh Your Android Smartphone Experience

Apex Launcher Is Ideal For Theme Buffs

Apex Launcher is an excellent app for those Android users that want to refresh their smartphone experience with a fully customizable launcher. It comes without ads, which is excellent, by the way, and tons of personalization options, including themes and icon packs. Also, Apex Launcher comes with some additional features, such as the optional addition of more than one dock bar and extra functions for the Home button.

Nova Launcher Is The King Of Android Customization Apps

Nova Launcher might not appear as a very powerful launcher when you first open it up. However, when you open its Settings section, you’ll bump into tons of customization options: apps margin editor, dock settings, screen gestures, font colors and appearance, layout, animation effect, and many more.

Also, Nova Launcher is offering the same features, no matter whether your Android smartphone is rooted or not.

Microsoft Launcher

Known initially as Arrow Launcher, Microsoft Launcher is by far one of the best launchers to refresh your Android smartphone experience. It comes with limited customization options, but it is providing a business-like experience.

Thus, Microsoft Launcher will provide you with a personal feed of your calendar, quick access to important contacts, access to recent documents, and more, in just a few taps. In addition to all that, Microsoft launcher allows users to access documents and files on any Android smartphone instantly, via Windows computers.

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