iOS 12.1.2 Packs a Mean Bug: Severe Hit to iPhone Sales

Apple rushed to release the iOS 12.1.2 update in order to have a legal motive in an ongoing legal battle with Qualcomm. Many of the users that downloaded the update found that it arrives with a pretty nasty bug.

Users from all over the world discovered that the newly released patch is breaking their cellular data functionality.  The issue surfaced in Turkey, with Apple quickly announcing that a fix is in development.

Many displeased users shared the issue on Twitter, asking Apple to release a solution. Some even claim that their device has is unable to connect to the network at all and they are not able to call or send messages. In other cases the smartphone jumps randomly between network modes, going from LTE to 3G even in areas where full LTE coverage is provided.

Users that haven’t updated their devices are advised to wait until a patch is released. Apple has already released the iOS 12.1.3 beta and it seems that the new update may fix the issues when it will be released globally.

Apple is currently implied in a lawsuit started by Qualcomm. The Chinese tech giant has accused Apple of using two proprietary patents without obtaining permission or license. Qualcomm demanded an injunction that bans the sale of select iPhone models that make use of the disputed patents. The Cupertino company continued to sale the devices after pre-loading them with the new iOS 12.1.2 update, and claiming that the patch has disabled the functionalities provided by the patents that are currently contested by Qualcomm and the injunction no longer applies to the devices in question.

Qualcomm did not receive the news well and is seeking further penalties for Apple as the lawsuit continues. Claims of corporate espionage have been mentioned among other charges.

The bug may bring a severe hit to iPhone sales during the holiday period. It is likely that the company didn’t wish to release a faulty update but it did what was needed in order to maintain its share of the Chinese smartphone market.

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