The Cydia Store Closure Causes Cracked Apple Devices a lot of Trouble

Recently, Cydia founder announced that he is shutting down the store because he doesn’t consider it useful anymore. Jay Saurik also added that Cydia causes him to lose a lot of time and money. This is bad news for all those who were dreaming to perform an iOS 12 jailbreak on their devices; it means that they will have to figure out other ways of cracking their Apple gadgets.

Saurik announced his decision through a post on Reddit. Although they found it hard to accept, Apple fans were thinking that this time will come one day. The founder had been planning to shut Cydia down some time ago, but he couldn’t because a security flaw was discovered within the store and postponed his decision.

The security breach affected users who were logged on at that time. For this reason, some jailbreak developers advised people who were using Cydia’s services to issue statements from removing their Paypal information from the associated accounts.

Even if the store is closing down, its repositories will still be around

With all the fuss around Cydia’a closing, users still receive a bit of good news. Despite the fact that they won’t be able to make purchases from the ”jailbreaking store” anymore, people will still be able to use its repositories. These parts remain standing and it means that users can keep downloading previous purchases or file transaction with third parties.

Considering the latest trends, it gets almost impossible for someone to jailbreak Apple devices. Users are really not happy about this, but they don’t have other options at this point. Furthermore, things can get complicated for users who have jailbroken iPhones and for those who are using iOS 12.1.2 and iOS 12.1.1.

Recently, Apple stopped the downgrading process, so any possible glitches can take the device to the oldest Operating System available now – iOS 12.1.1 and this won’t help. With all these measures, hackers will still try to jailbreak the latest iOS versions. If this happens, Apple fans will be grateful to see the process.

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