Samsung Leak Reportedly Confirms The Galaxy S10 Codenamed Beyond X

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S10-related leak. Forbes notes that although the device will definitely be an expensive one, the new design, ultrasonic reader, daring colors and boosted performance will completely make the phone worth all the cash.

“And now the most radical model of all has been confirmed just weeks after it looked like vapourware…” Forbes writes.

It seems that the source of this leak is also a trustable one – industry insider Ice Universe. This mysterious source has previously broken the Galaxy S8, S9, Note 8 and Note 9.

Beyond X’s potential features 

Now, the same source confirms the existence of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 “Beyond X” and its features together with the device’s availability.

Beyond X is a codename and it will be delivering a lot of firsts for Samsung, according to Forbes.

The Galaxy S10 Beyond X will be the very first 5G Samsung phone and possibly also the only Galaxy S10 model that will have 5G.

It will also be the first Samsung Phone that will come with a 6.7-inch display and the very first one to use ToF sensors to the front and back.

ToF sensors for 3D mapping 

This last feature is really interesting. It describes time-of-flight and these sensors are for 3D depth mapping. They are quite similar to the infrared dot tech that’s used by Apple in its Face ID facial recognition system.

Given the fact that Samsung was expected to eliminate the facial recognition with the Galaxy S10 range of devices, it now looks like they are basically doubling down instead, as Forbes puts it.

The publication also brings some lousy news and writes that “the Beyond X is currently only planned to launch in South Korea and the US. This exclusive pairing is actually another first for Samsung, but that will be of little comfort to fans hoping to buy one.”

Forbes’ article concludes by saying that we should definitely trust this leak based on Ice Universe’s records so far.

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