New Exciting Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Features Are Leaked

The Galaxy S10 is just around the corner, even though we don’t have a specific date yet. Samsung sticks to their approach of not revealing any details about their flagship phone until the company’s Unpacked press conference.

On the other hand, considering all the rumors and leaks, we already have lots of info regarding the brand new phone.

What’s known so far 

Samsung has already revealed some smartphone features that we can expect to see on the Galaxy S10 on new mid-range devices.

More than that, Samsung has also been filing some new trademarks that are doing nothing else than to tease the new exciting Galaxy S10 features.

The Infinity-Q screen design was already introduced with the help of the news Galaxy A8 devices back in November.

The company also launched the first phones with three and four cameras.

BGR writes that at least one Galaxy S10 will be coming with three cameras and with the 5G version as well.

Samsung had also announced the brand new Exynos chip a few weeks ago, and this is expected to power the Galaxy S10 phones.

Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 855 which is a brand new flagship mobile platform that will be used inside the Galaxy S10.

Artistic Live Focus 

BGR notes that there will also be a “feature called Artistic Live Focus, a term that Samsung wants to trademark in Europe, according to a Galaxy Club discovery. The feature is related to the camera, according to the description: Smartphones … Mobile telephones; Software … computer software for processing digital images; Computer software for creating digital animation and special effects of images.”

There are already various Samsung phones that have a Live Focus feature which allows users to take portrait pics with blur effects.

Creating special effects of images 

The Artistic version of that seems to imply that even more effects will get support.

BGR also notes that the description makes it clear that users will be “creating digital animation and special effects of images.” It’s also important to remember that the trademark may also indicate a feature that’s developed for another kind of device.

But on the other hand, the tech giant also tends to file for new trademarks right before it launches new products.

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