New iOS 12 Update Is Out With Fixes For This Year’s iPhone XR, iPhone XS, And iPhone XS Max

Apple has just rolled out the iOS 12.1.2 update into the world. It brings an essential fix for this year’s iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max and it also takes care of some other issues and a few bugs.

Fixing eSim–related issues

The update fixes the problems regarding eSim activation on the new model of iPhones. This feature was only added this year, and it allows a single phone to have separate carriers and numbers as well.

This will turn out to be a really useful feature for people who are operating with two numbers from the same phone or individuals who travel internationally.

The update also took care of some other unrevealed glitches, and this is great news for people who only bought the iPhone because of the eSim feature.

Phone connectivity issues in Turkey

The second fix worth mentioning is regarding the phone connectivity in Turkey. This is addressing Apple’s three iPhones as well, and it should take care of the issues regarding cellular connectivity.

The timing of this update shows just how critical these bug fixes are. As you may know by now, Apple usually waits a little between updates, unless there’s a really stringent issue going on.

There are a few websites including AppleInsider that have been suggesting the fact that these updates are also addressing some complaints coming from Qualcomm.

A few people have also claimed that changing the iPhone language to simplified Chinese there are two more bullet points.

One of them is talking about updated animations for force quit, and the other one is discussing updating the UI controls for setting contact pics and background images.

The last time when Apple issued updates in such quick succession was at the end of 2017 when the updates came to fix issues related to audio, email and the screen.

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