iPhone XI and XI Plus will Feature Innovative Design Concepts

As 2019 and its announced devices are getting closer and closer, we keep hearing rumours about the new gadgets’ features and technical specs. Reliable sources share different leaks and information on various aspects connected to next year’s releases and now we will mention what we know so far about iPhone XI and XI Plus.

Recent leaks say that the new iPhones will come with innovative front and rear designs. On the other hand, things can change until the smartphones are released, because an important part of them is based on pure concept. However, iPhone fans can have an idea on the handsets and it’s all thanks to the leaked images.

The iPhone XI and XI Plus might come with a thinner body and improved camera features

According to recent information, the next generation iPhones released in 2019 might bring down the thickness. In case the phone comes with a thinner body, its thickness will be under 6 mm. Shape, size and design might be inspired by Apple’s iPad.

Almost every picture of the upcoming iPhone XI and XI Plus indicates more details about a new design. As we can see from a series of ”teasing” photos, the handsets will come with a full screen that only holds the notch and a small cut-out. The final touch was added for properly accommodating the camera from the front and the IR lens.

Besides, the new screen includes features for Apple’s facial ID recognition function. The speaker hasn’t been forgotten either, because the handsets include a small space for it. The triple camera system could be another cool addition. Rumors say that, apart from the primary sensor, the camera could have a wide-angle and a telephoto lens.

Last, but not least, Apple fans will have the possibility to choose their smartphone’s colour from three different options; black, white and a grading shade ranging from bronze to colours like golden hue. Other awesome specs include holographic face ID features and 3D modern technology.

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