Pokemon Go is introducing a new Deoxys form with new changes

Pokemon Go fans will be very excited to hear that this week will be full of surprises for them. According to recent information, Niantic is planning to release a new form of Pokemon Deoxys during following days. The mythical psychic character was introduced in Pokemon Go earlier this year. Its role was to replace Mewtwo in a leading position – it became the second EX Raid boss throughout the game.

So far, Pokemon Go fans could see Deoxys only in its Normal Form. Now, developers are ready to release a new variant of this Pokemon. Niantic recently announced that Deoxys’s Attack Form is ready to hit the game’s AR world.

The Pokemon Go community might welcome its new member later this week

Since the information about Deoxys’s new Form went viral, Pokemon Go fans are anxious to see how the character fits in the game. It looks like the community will be able to greet their new member soon, because the Attack Form will be released in EX Raids later this week.

Like every updated character, the new Form of Deoxys comes with a few changes. Firstly, the character has a different appearance. Secondly, the attack stat has been improved and it goes much higher than the one happening in standard Form.

Apart from the mentioned changes, the new Deoxys brings a fresh note in the game. On the other hand, Niantic advices players to prepare themselves, because finding and catching Deoxys can be a difficult challenge. Those who want to achieve this goal will have to take advantage of every opportunity.

In case you are wondering how to find the new Deoxys, you should know that it will be released within the upcoming EX Raid invites. These events will begin on December 20th. Unfortunately, people can participate in EX Raids only if they have been ”invited”. You can get an invitation if you’ve recently been the champion of a Raid Battle carried out at a Gym.

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