Aptoide Update Download Available with Performance Improvements

Aptoide became a popular app store soon after it was released. People love it because it gives them access to many apps and games which might or might not also be available in the Google Play store. Another advantage that increases Aptoide’s popularity is that, through it, developers can create their own app store and manage it as they want.

Unlike Google Play, Aptoide can be customized and the community that runs it can access over 800,000 apps from almost 400,000 stores. These numbers are huge, but variety means a lot for users and developers are not planning to stop here.

Aptoide has recently been updated and now its performance is improved

Aptoide only works on Android devices. We all know that these gadgets evolve very fast and a new one is released every few months. Under these conditions, apps and games are constantly updated as well. Aptoide understood this tendency and soon joined the club of awesome updates.

Now, people will be very happy to discover version of the mentioned app store. This comes with new features, several bug fixes and improved performance. In terms of new features, the update comes with local top downloads, updated applications and a lot of fun games.

Another interesting fact about Aptoide is that in 2017 it partnered with AppCoin, a blockchain startup. The idea behind this partnership was to offer users the opportunity to pay each other or make some in-app purchases (for example, game upgrades). The collaboration between Aptoide and AppCoin proved to be efficient so far.

In fact, the game engine creator, Unity Technologies, declared that, last month they started to use the blockchain solution provided by Aptoide for solving many problems associated with in-app purchases, app approval and app promotion. Let’s see what will happen next!

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