Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Will Not Have A Quad-Camera After All, Latest Reports Claim

Every year, it seems that all the main features of Samsung’s new flagship devices have been leaked weeks or even months before the launch.

But we cannot complain, because it’s entertaining to see what new features are waiting to hit us from around the corner.

The upcoming line for Samsung Galaxy is not different because we’ve already seen and heard all kinds of suppositions regarding the features that will be included in the Galaxy S10.

Amidst reports that the Galaxy S10 lineup will be including four distinct devices, including one that will boast 5G support, now, it seems that one of the most exciting rumors is that the Galaxy S10+ model would have a quad-camera scheme.

Triple camera scheme on the back 

This was reported by BGR who also writes that “a new report from PhoneArena reveals that that likely won’t be the case. In other words, if you’re planning to upgrade to a new Samsung device next year, the Galaxy S10+ will reportedly incorporate a triple-camera scheme on the back.”

Samsung’s flagship phone will probably sport two selfie cameras on the front and three cameras on its rear.

The lower cost model which is reportedly dubbed as the Galaxy S10 Lite will be featuring a single camera on the front and a dual camera scheme on its back. All the other models will have three rear-facing cameras.

“There have been rumors about the Galaxy S10+ sporting a mighty quad-camera, like the one on the Galaxy A9, but both the S10 and the Plus model will have identical triple-camera setups,” BGR writes.

Live image allegedly surfaces from South Korea

We also announced recently that there’s an image leaked which could potentially be the Galaxy S10 that has been leaked. writes that they have “an image of a smartphone that might be the Galaxy S10. Like leaks for Google’s Pixel 3 lineup, this device was also spotted in transit, presumably in South Korea.”

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