iOS 13 Update Available From New Leaks

If we were to trust all the rumours around next year’s big launches, 2019 is going to remain in history as the beginning of a big revolution in the mobile era. Next to top-notch devices with futuristic specs we will also get to meet new operating systems.

Apple and Samsung are both preparing outstanding OS technology with super fast speed and better online security patches. Next, we will focus on Apple’s said-to-be iOS 13, a fancy operating system created for 2019’s high-end iPhones and iPads.

iOS 13 will come with many improvements and awesome specs

So far, Apple hasn’t shared any official information about the new OS, but recent leaks give us some details. According to reliable sources, the first beta version for iOS 13 could come around the summer of 2019. Around September testing will be completed and users will be able to download the final version of iOS 13.

The update could come on devices that currently have iOS 12: iPad Pros released in 2017 and 2018, recent versions of iPad Minis, iPhones starting from 5S until the flagships that will come in the first part of 2019 and the 6th generation of Touch iPods.

Like every new release, this update comes with a different design and a series of revolutionary features. Apart from bug fixes, here’s what you should expect to see within the new iOS 13:

  • A revamp in the Files section, two screens of the same app and improvements to the Apple pencil;
  • The OS will come with a new design for the Home screen;
  • Siri improvements;
  • Snoozing notifications;
  • The Emoji search has been improved;
  • People can use multiple accounts at the same time;
  • The Messages section received new features;
  • iOS 13 supports the smart Wi-Fi feature;
  • The in-app video resolution can be changed;
  • There is a Favourites category in the Contacts app as well;
  • Users can check a contact’s availability status;
  • The Fingerprint sensor will be detected by a dynamic keyboard;
  • The OS comes with Slide to unlock feature;

These are only a few mentions. We will have to wait until iOS 13 is launched to see what it actually brings.

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