Mid-range Devices can be Improved with Helio P90 Chip from Mediatek

Most mid-range phones were developed as an alternative to high-end devices and combine good technical specs with a decent price. We all heard about them and the companies that released or are planning to launch this kind of gadgets in near future.

What some of us didn’t know is that mid-range device’s performance can be improved thanks to the Helio P90 processor. This little fellow is produced by Mediatek and it will soon become a big name in the mobile industry.

Rus Mestechkin, Sales Director at Mediatek, declared that, thanks to Helio P90, people who cannot afford top notch devices will enjoy the same functionality and cool features at a more affordable price. In this case, we should expect to see the new chipset in a few Android phones which will cost between $500 and $700.

Helio P90 will make a lot of smartphone users happy

The chipset will come with a few changes in the devices’ functionality. It comes with two efficient ARM Cortex-A75 and A-55 of 2.2 and 2.0 GHz that enhances the smartphone’s functionality with more than 50%. In addition, it receives support from other components, like a Power VR GM 9446 GPU and several cores which make power consumption efficiency and prevents over-heating.

On the other hand, Helio P90 can enhance a smartphone’s performance with 15%. Maybe the most important advantage is that it can activate artificial intelligence software. This means that apps based on AI will function four times faster and better than older versions of Helio.

As we can see, the new chipset produced by Mediatek will serve future generation smartphones. Their artificial intelligence features are very useful when it comes to modern smartphones possibilities: photo editing, facial recognition and others. Look for more information on the new chipset and see what the smartphones that have it are.

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