Popcorn Time Update – What It Is And Why So Popular?

Popcorn Time has risen to popularity in recent years. The well-known platform allows users from all over the world to stream their favorite content for free.

It is available for most devices but the nature of the service may make it a bit harder to install and use on certain platforms. Read below to learn more about the program.

How does Popcorn Time work?

The program surfaced back in 2014 when a team of Argentinian developers created a program that was able to instantly stream video content from torrents. In mere weeks after the initial version of Popcorn Time was released the team decided to drop the project but made the source code freely available.

In less than 24 hours after the announcement, a well-known scene group announced that they will pick-up the project. Several versions have surfaced since but they all share the base functions.

How does it work?

The app is simply to use. The user either finds their way within an interface that presents thumbnails of the movies that are currently available or simply searches for a particular movie. After the desired movie is found you can select the quality of the source. Click or tap on the desired one and you are good to go.

The program uses a hybrid BitTorrent client that is able to seamlessly convert the torrent into a stream. All the information is collected and displayed on the spot.

What can you find on Popcorn Time?

The latest movies will usually appear in a matter of days. A variety of TV series and shows will certainly keep you occupied for a while. With a bit of luck you can even find rare movies that are no longer available somewhere else.

Is it safe to use?

The answer is quite debatable. While the user is not downloading content per se, they still gain access to copyrighted material. In order to use the app without problems a strong VPN service is recommended.

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