Facebook Lite vs. Regular Facebook: Which One Should You Install?

In order to install Facebook on your phone, you have to choose which app you want. You can get the regular Facebook app or you can install Facebook Lite. Today we are going to explain the difference between these two.

Lite apps (or Go apps when it comes to Google) are apps that smaller, simpler versions of the regular apps. This does not mean that you won’t have the same functions, Lite apps simply use less storage and they consume less data.

Facebook has a Lite version for the Messenger app as well. The Facebook Lite app was launched back in 2015 and initially, it was only available in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and others. The reason why it was released here is that internet connectivity problems are more common there.

However, Facebook Lite has been later launched in developed countries as well. You can find it in France, United States, and other countries. You should also know that the Facebook Lite app is only available on Android, not on iOS.


One of the main advantages of Facebook Lite is that it only weighs around 2MB. Meanwhile, the Facebook app has around 60 MB. This means that it is very fast to install the Lite app. More than that, you don’t need to make sure that you have enough storage for it.

The battery usage is also great. Facebook Lite consumes very little battery life. You should know that there are also minor user interface differences. The first one is the icon. While the Facebook icon is blue with a white letter, the Facebook Lite app has the colors reversed.

When you open the app you can notice that the icons and texts are smaller. There are no animations in this app and no complicated features. This makes the Facebook Lite app feel cleaner.

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