Clash of Clans December 2018 Winter Update Comes with New Improvements

There’s no doubt that Clash of Clans fans are very happy these days. The December 2018 winter update for their favourite game is finally live after a long wait. Supercell wants to be one step ahead Christmas and prepared a lot of cool surprises and new characters for their community members. The event is a good opportunity to discover them and find out new ways to boost their gaming experience.

After a week full of teasers, developers finally announced the launch of this incredible update, also known as the winter’s most important event for Clash of Clans. The word about this initiative was spread on Facebook. Developers used this social network for letting people know that maintenance which will make the update run professionally and smooth will start as soon as possible.

The update already started and fans are very excited to meet the new characters and items

This big event introduces a lot of new content into Clash of Clans. The most important improvements were already presented during the teasers, so new we’re in for a short recap.

The update brings new items like:

  • The Ice Golem;
  • Stone Slammer Siege Machine;
  • Bat Spell

Furthermore, players will discover new magic items, like the Shovel of Obstacles and Hero Potion and comes with a good balance between the changes made in Quality of Life and the bug that were fixed for an improved gaming experience. The Main Village and the Builder Base are two areas where players will notice this balance.

The bottom line is that the December 2018 winter update is a good opportunity to improve your Clash of Clans experience and get cool items. If you want to see what’s in it for you, don’t think twice and become a part of the live event!

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