What Makes a Showbox Alternative Safe To Use?

Showbox for Android and Moviebox for iOS are two popular apps which give users the possibility to watch the most recent movies, TV shows and more online and by completing a simple download process. They work just like streaming platforms, but the difference is that Showbox and Moviebox’s use is free.

What’s not to love in an app that gives you access to top content without paying a penny? Well, for starters, let’s be realistic and admit that a price still has to be paid for every good thing in life. In our case, we are talking about legal issues and phone damage.

You can imagine that nobody is happy when their content protected by copyright is ’’hacked’’ and accessed for free. Because this is what the two apps actually do, but maybe Android and iOS users will understand that these apps come with a lot of risks. For a better security, use a VPN.

Showbox and Moviebox have some running issues, so people are looking for viable replacements already

At the beginning of December, both Showbox and Moviebox went down and nobody could understand why. It could be because of a ’’clone attack’’, meaning that the apps have been cloned. This could lead to even more problems and experts are investigating the matter as we speak.

Fortunately for those who are using the apps, both APKs started to function again, but only for a short while. After they restarted on December 4th, an outage put them down again on the 5th of December. Now they started functioning again, but for how long? Considering this instability, people are starting to look for viable replacers for the two apps.

It’s not an easy task though. Several aspects should be considered when you started the research: safety, legal issues, online security and others. You can get some inspiration from online tutorials. Here you will find instructions for the downloading and installing process as well.

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