The PS5 is on its Way – 2020 Release Date?

The PS4 has been the most successful console of this generation as more than 80 million units have been sold by July 2018.

Rumors about the PS5 have been surfacing in the last couple of years. While PlayStation continues to have some of the best exclusives that can be found on a console the power of the device was a bit underwhelming.  For those that demanded an enhanced experience Sony launched the PS4 Pro, a revamped console that was able to play some games at 4K but most titles aren’t able to run at a native 4K@60FPS, even on the improved hardware.

PlayStation fans hope that Sony will opt to buff the technical specifications of the future PS5, which would automatically mean improved graphics and performance. This would also allow games to be bigger and better.

Recently a source has raised waves on the popular Reddit platform as it announced in a thread on the PS forums that the next console will be announced in 2019 during the PSX (PlayStation Experience) held by Sony.

Sony has recently acknowledged that the company won’t be present at E3 2019 as it plans to offer a special and memorable experience for its fans during the PSX.

The source also claims that the Japanese tycoon will drop some hints in the future before the big announcement will be made.

Those that hoped for a 2019 release window will be disappointed as commercial release won’t take place before 2020. While some questioned the credibility of the source, the user managed to predict that Sony won’t come to E3 2019 for the first time in 24 years.

Possible specs

It is obvious that the next console will use a selection of components that are better than those present on the PS4. If Sony and AMD continue their partnership the console may use the beefy Ryzen 8 octa-core chip which would allow the delivery of a 4K@60FPS output.

It is likely that the price will be around $500. Until Sony will release an official press statement we can only hope that the PS5 will be at least on par with the PS4.

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