The PlayStation Classic Was Reportedly Hacked To Run New Games

Sony’s PlayStation Classic has lots of issues. The latest one is that it turns out that it’s not so secure and this is generally a good thing when it comes to plug-and-play devices that are not designed to connect to the Internet.

This is because the crafty hackers are dedicated enough to hack the little gray box and they could open various possibilities this way.

Some of them have reportedly even done it, and they were able to figure out how to load games which are not originally included with the device from a simple USB drive.

Cracking the PS Classic wide open

The Verge writes that Sony didn’t even do too much in order to hide the tools which are necessary to crack the PS Classic wide open.

There are some notable console hackers Yifan Lu and madmonkey1907 who have been documenting the process online of first dumping the system’s code onto the external machine.

They have discovered that Sony has hidden the key to decrypt its sensitive software elements on the device itself.

From there on, it’s not a surprise anymore that the console-hacking community made some really significant progress in “transforming the PS Classic into a platform agnostic emulator” as the Verge puts it.

They report that Lu was able to get the device running Crash Bandicoot via USB thumb stick because it looks like the box doesn’t check whatever software it’s actually running.

BleemSync tool

There’s also another GitHub console hacker who goes by the name Pat Hartl who has already created an open-source tool, BleemSync that will allow you to do this easier at home.

“It will involve some tinkering on your end, but it looks like it’s just a matter of setting up the appropriate folders and files, and then doing a bit of database editing,” The Verge notes.

The hackers who are breaking open the device have the goal of turning it into something more by getting it to run new games and system emulators.

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