Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Be The Company’s Last Flagship With A Headphone Jack

The phone giant company usually highlights the 3.5mm jack’s implementation in marketing and device announcements.

More than that, its high status as the most prominent manufacturer in the Android world means that it also has a massive influence on how many millions of phones with headphone jacks are bought and used on a monthly basis.

Samsung might reportedly keep the jack

But on the other hand, almost all other previous headphone jack pushers have been giving in, starting with OnePlus and Xiaomi and finishing with Google and Huawei. This triggers another question highlighted by The Verge: Will Samsung do the same or will it keep its policy forever?

The Verge notes that Samsung’s last smartphone, the Galaxy A8 is the very first one without any headphone jacks.

It is also the very first phone that features a circular screen cutout for the selfie camera. The recently announced Galaxy A9, for instance, comes with four cameras on its back.

If Samsung is willing to excise the jack on a forward-looking device from a series that’s supposed to represent the future, well how long will it be before devices such as the Galaxy S and Note gets the very same treatment?

The Verge points to good news and says that “most indications point to Samsung keeping the jack for that device. Bloomberg reported in October that Samsung has been “toying with” prototype phones that omit the 3.5mm port, but since then there have been several unconfirmed leaks that suggest it will be included.”

New Samsung Rize series on the way 

In other news, LetsGoDigital spotted that Samsung filed a trademark application in the UK at the end of November for the name Samsung Rize.

BGR reports that the listing mentions explicitly smartphones and seems to refer to device names that are including the Samsung Rize10, Samsung Rize20, and Samsung Rize30.

It’s quite possible that the Rize branding could be intended for the Galaxy S10 series.

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