PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro: Is It the Best Gift for Christmas?

Christmas is coming and people are sure waiting for gifts. It’s about time you started looking for a PlayStation 4-holiday gift for someone you love. It’s just the perfect time of the year to find new consoles and video games that are just perfect for that person.

We’ve written this article to tell you all you need to know about the basic hardware that you need in order to play a game on PS4. We’re also here to help you shop for a gaming fan that only wants the best for his experience while playing a certain game on PS4.

PS4 Slim

This is where you should start searching. Its latest version is Sony’s core PS4 hardware, and it even has the bells and whistles that everyone wants. Up until now,  many of the PS4 Slim packages came with at least one game – Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 bundle is a great example, since it was at its most on Black Friday 2018, with that low price. It’s possible that stores will give the same bundle discount again, however, don’t expect the prices to be that low again for Christmas.

PS4 Pro

You’re probably asking yourself what’s the difference between PS4 and PS4 Pro. PS4 Pro has the ability to display games and general content at a 4K resolution. And that’s not all – PS4 Pro is not the same with PS4 when it comes to the core. Its main focus is on 4K visuals, so the PS4 Pro isn’t really the console for everyone, especially for those who don’t have a 4K display. If you know for sure that the person has a 4K TV, then it’s the best gift you can get someone.

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