Candy Crush Friends: How to Get Through the Levels Easier

Candy Crush has made its developers very proud, since they made millions since its first launch, with 22.5 million people downloading it – and that in the first month of its release. Did you know that ever since the launch of the game, over 1.6 billion Hearts have been collected? That’s more than the entire US country collecting four hearts each.

However, as they got more into the game, some Candy Crush Friends levels were kind of difficult to get through, so we’ve written this article to help you move on.

Pay attention when you play “Free the Animals”, because if one animal is even a bit visible, the fish will try to free it. The whole idea is to try to see some of the animals before you launch the fish.

Cookies have been dunked on and on since the release of Candy Crush Friends. Interesting fact: there were more cookies than the entire population of China. Make the most out of them.

Yeti is actually the most popular character in the game, so you need to keep in mind that you can use his bomb-like wrapped candy because they help you break through the level – more than any other bonus would.

Octopus mode is quite tricky, so you need to watch out at all times because the gummy blocker does a little wriggle when an octopus hides beneath it.

Other interesting facts:

Candy Crush Friends Saga has a popular day to play, and that’s Sunday.

At present, there are more than a trillion levels in the original game, and they’ve all been solved by hundreds of millions of players – including those in the Soda and Jelly versions.

Candy Crush Friends was first launched at 380 levels.

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