PS5 Leaked Photos Proven to Be Fake: What’s Real About It?

The PlayStation 5 from Sony is real, and we know that Sony is a tech giant that always surprise us with their research and developments for their PS4 Pro follow up. But the details about this console were hidden so well, that not even the most closes persons of the company know the juicy secrets.  We know what this means – it means that every kind, every piece of information, be it a leak on the internet or simply a user’s opinion, will be taken seriously. It’s actually understandable since everyone is excited to see how game consoles grow up throughout the years.

We found one piece of news about one leak last week, but it’s so fake, we wanted to warn you.

The story is everywhere, so you’ve probably seen it. The headline sounds something like “New PS5 pictures give you Sony’s next-gen 8K console“ or “these are the PS5 images you’ve been waiting for”. These headlines trick you into believing that you’ll see the actual console. We have news for you.

People love early leaks, and everyone does their best to give people what they want, even if it’s fake news. They’re intended to take a look at the leaked PS5 prototype, but they don’t really think that it’s an entire mess we’re talking about.

The leak was confirmed as fake

The problem is that this piece of news was confirmed as fake every since before the renderers were actually created, so what you’ve been looking on those sites, about the leaks, are basically Russian fake news. It’s true, they look nice, but they do not give you the insight you need to understand the new render, the design, or the features of PlayStation.

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