Apple iPad Pro 2018 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 – Best Price and Features Comparison

Samsung and Apple are two of the most important tech manufacturers on the market, and are long-time rivals as well. Today we are going to compare two of their tablets: the 2018 Apple iPad Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.


The Apple iPad Pro of 2018 is truly revolutionary because Apple redesigned the tablet. The Home button s finally gone and the tablet now has the curved corners of the iPhone X. There are also flat sides which are similar to the ones of the iPhone 5.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 comes with a slick design. It has metal edges and glass on both the back and the front. The bezels around the screen have been slimmed down and the fingerprint scanner has been removed.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 comes with four speakers. Two of them are located at the top and two are placed at the bottom. The tablet comes with the 3.5 mm port and it supports Bluetooth headphones. The tablet also comes with stylus support.

The Apple pencil attaches magnetically to the side of the iPad and it charges wirelessly when it is located there. Nonetheless, if you want to purchase the Pencil you need to pay an extra £119 for it.


When it comes to the Apple iPad Pro (2018) there are two options available: the 12.9-inch version and the 11-inch version. The prices for these two are different.  The 12.9-inch model costs £969 for the 64GB version £1,119 with 256GB, £1,319 with 512GB or £1,719 with a huge 1TB of built-in storage. The 11-inch model costs £769 (64GB), £919 (256GB), £1,119 (512GB) and £1,519 (1TB). Meanwhile, the starting price for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (64 GB) is £599.00

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