Rapper Soulja Boy Released A Funny Handheld Game Console With Over 3,000 Built-In Games

Again, some funny news for our readers. It looks like the rapper Soulja Boy is penetrating the video games industry.

But instead of teaming up with an established developer in order to make a mobile game, or lending his voice to a character in a game, or anyway, something productive and appropriate, he’s releasing a handheld console, and it’s a pretty ugly one, we truly have to admit.

More than 3,000 games and TV “connertion”

It also has a funny name, and it’s exactly what you’d expect: SouljaGame.

It claims to have more than 3,000 built-in games, and the titles include games from NeoGeo games to Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and three more consoles.

The console comes with a three-inch screen and it doesn’t have any touch controls. It comes in black despite the fact that all the pics are showing a white console.

According to a photo on the console’s website, it seems that the console “Support connerting to TV.”

Wow, cool story bro, but there’s no mention of if “connertion” cables are included with your purchase.

Anyway, if the picture speaks the truth and nothing but the truth, then the SouljaGame outputs to a TV via VGA cables and we really hope that you still have a TV that has VGA ports.

Price tag

Being the premium product that it is, the “fancy” console has to come with a premium price tag, doesn’t it?

If you get it now, you’ll be able to pay only $99,99 which is $100 off its original price tag. Anyway, we’re just kidding. We wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy this.

It’s still worth mentioning that the rapper though about people who are not into gaming as well and also created a SouljaWatch! This is a pretty obvious copy of an Apple Watch as you can see.

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