OnePlus 7 with OnePlus TV to Hit the Market in 2019

We’ve all heard how OnePlus launched the OnePlus 6T recently. There were many speculations about OnePlus 7 that kept appearing on the internet. It seems that the company will launch the device together with OnePlus TV in 2019.

They partner up with Amazon

As per a report, the company has found a new partner – Amazon – to make a trade-in program for those who use OnePlus. With this program, the users can get to the latest OnePlus phone, like it is the present OnePlus 6T – the phone will be upgraded at a better price.

Both of the companies have a target audience: online shoppers – they want to provide them the best experience they’ve ever had. Pete Lau, the chief executive of the company, has just celebrated four years worth of partnership with the company Amazon India. This partnership is really important due to the fact that it makes OnePlus the best premium company in India.

When is OnePlus TV going to be released?

Lau announced that a smart TV would hit the market at some point. However, we’re not so sure about its release date or of any kind of detail of the device. And we have one reason for that: the company wants to be sure that the OnePlus TV will get to the standards they expect. They’ve previously said that the TV will be released in India in May. We know for sure that as soon as it arrives, it will be exclusive in India in a blick of an eye.

OnePlus seven at the price of $529

As we’ve all heard, in May 2019, OnePlus seven is said to hit the market. It will have the price of $529 (that’s £469), and will be water resistance and Gorilla Glass 5 screen protection. It will probably come with an in-display fingerprint scanner, a selfie camera and an all-screen quad high definition display.

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