Apple Slashes iPhone XR’s Price In Another Effort To Boost Sales

There have been a lot of signs pointing at the fact that the newest iPhones are not meeting Apple’s internal sales targets, not to mention the ambitious of significantly increasing the annual sales of the smartphones.

Here are some new details regarding the actions taken by Tim Cook and his team in order to boost sales.

Forbes reveals that Mark Gurman wrote in Bloomberg that there’s an increase in carrier subsidies, bundled extras and now there’s also a $300 discount for customers who are willing to trade in an older iPhone directly to Apple.

“Company executives moved some marketing staff from other projects to work on bolstering sales of the latest handsets in October, about a month after the iPhone XS went on sale and in the days around the launch of the iPhone XR, according to a person familiar with the situation. This person described it as a “fire drill,” and a possible admission that the devices may have been selling below some expectations. The person asked not to be identified discussing private strategy changes,” Gurman notes.

Apple brings aggressive offers 

Since then, Apple hopped in a series of aggressive offers that have reduced the costs of some of its latest iPhones but only temporarily.

This is definitely a rare step for the tech giant which has been raising the prices for devices in the past few years in order to lift profit and revenue as well.

Gurman noted on Twitter that Apple is advertising the iPhone XR on its website for a price of $449.

But you have to make sure not to miss the sneaky asterisk saying that the $300 discount is only available if you trade in an iPhone 7 Plus.

Forbes believes that it’s quite unlikely that iPhones will see a rise in sales. You can read their complete article here.

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