Microsoft Surface Ad Throws Shade At The iPad; Doubts Its Computing Skills

“What’s a computer” was the question asked in an iPad commercial in 2017 while a teenager lived her life off an iPad. Now, after one year Microsoft comes with the answer, and it’s definitely not an “iPad.”

While playing the holiday jingle “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” a 30-second spot features a little girl shopping with her granny as they pass by a Microsoft Store. The girl starts singing about the benefits of the Windows 10-powered Surface Go tablet and shade Apple.

The girl calls out the iPad by name, saying it was “fine when I was 6, but now I’m 10” and that she needs “a real computer” to fulfill her dreams of coding and helping manatees, as USA Today reports.

Microsoft Surface Go vs. the iPad

As you all know, the $399 Surface Go is Microsoft’s direct rival to the iPad which retails at $329.

According to USA Today, the “model runs Windows 10, has 64GB of storage and a USB-C port, the modern version of USB that even Apple has adopted for its latest iPad Pros. It has a 10-inch display, slightly larger than the regular iPad’s 9.7-inch screen.”

The Surface Go is a solid computer, primarily when used for most daily tasks. Both the Surface Go and the iPad have their advantages and cons as well. For instance, the iOS software and the optimized apps for the iPad are usually better than the options available for the iPad.

On the other hand, Windows tablets can run almost all Windows programs, and they can do traditional PC things such as connecting to a flash device, and all this gives it an edge over the iPad and so on.

USA Today also notes that “It’s when you want to do more intensive tasks like gaming, photo, and video editing, or coding that the choice becomes a bit more complicated and both the regular iPad and Surface Go lose their appeal.”

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