Clash of Clans Town Hall 9: Tips for War, Dark Elixir and Trophy Base Layout

Clash of Clans is a very popular game, and with TH9 in the picture, things are getting interesting. We’ve written this article to give you the latest base designs of Town Hall 9, for farming, trophy pushing, and clan war. It’s worth mentioning that all the bases are updated at the moment.

First of all, you need to make sure that you’ve adapted the trap setup after taking these bases:

Clan war base design

When it comes to this base, you can make the most out of defenses, such as Hidden Teslas, and they’re placed outside the perimeter to trick the troops that prioritize defenses. With them, it’s also impossible to get the Air Defenses down with just a suicide attack.

The general setup and the core design are the only things that the bases need in order to use it as Town Hall 9. When you’re about to go to war, this is where you’ll find the best army setup. For TH9, you’ll need a lot of Dark Elixir.

Dark Elixir farming base

This one is that base that tries to get as many storages as it can on the inside, without actually making the defense too unbalanced. It is placed in the center and the Town Hall is protected by a tesla farm that’s hidden, so it will not be found too easily.

Trophy Base design

If you want to constantly protect your starts in the regular ladder, the trophy base is the one that you need. The perimeter of the outside uses the storages as if they were bulkheads, and they come in handy when it comes to attacking the troops. The outside compartments are covered with various defenses in order for you to catch one attacker.

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