Clash of Clans: What Should You Upgrade for TH9

When it comes to Clash of Clans, you need to think about TH9 and what’s to update first. This is when we enter the room and say that we have the answer. We’ve seen how TH8.5 got its 4th air defense and its 4th-tesla tower. They help in to repel the Laloon attacks. But a foul tesla farm can be difficult to handle in attacks. The war won’t weigh too heavy, and you’ll be the last of your clan, with the lowest TH9.

The Queen

What you need to do is to get the Queen, the elixir pump and storage, the gold storage and mine, air mines, the tesla tower and the 4th air defense. Then, you need to upgrade the spell factory, the camos, the castle, and also don’t forget about labs. After these things are upgraded, all the gold and elixir that is left should be used for walls and troops.

After you upgrade your Queen to level 5, before you get the Queen to level 6, upgrade all the hogs to level 5, as well. After that, all the DE goes to the Queen, which you need to get to level 10. You might have to buy the extra wizard tower, the air sweeper and the archer tower. Then you need to upgrade them to TH8 level.  After you get all your defenses to the TH 8 level, then you need to upgrade air defenses to TH9 level.

Elixir troops

Always, the first elixir troop upgrade should be for farming. Giants with level 6 will bring you a nice loot when you’re progressing towards the beginning of TH9. In case you’re a barch farmer, you need to upgrade your archers and barbs as well. It’s also time to add xbows.

Don’t forget to upgrade it one at a time, because the war weight will get too heavy in a small amount of time, and you simply don’t need to complicate your life.

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