Apple Will Reportedly Skip The Faster 5G Network Next Year

Apple will reportedly not be introducing an iPhone that’s capable of taking advantage of faster 5G cellular data networks in 2019, Bloomberg reports.

Apple plans to wait until 2020 to use 5G

The report claims that Apple will wait at least until 2020 to make this move.

5G networks are expected to ramp up deployment in the US, China and more Apple markets in 2019.

5G promises to be one of the most important generational leaps in cellular data speeds, and Apple’s competitors such as Samsung are likely to market 5G handsets in 2019 to capitalize on it.

More than that, networks such as Verizon will want to lead users onto the new 5G experience as soon as possible because the tech is defini6tlymore efficient and will make sure that the companies can make higher profits while at the same time offering the best possible service.

Ars Technica notes that investors and analysts might have a reason to be concerned that Apple will definitely miss a massive opportunity if the company doesn’t start riding the wave and it chooses to wait for too long until it adopts the new tech.

This is not even the first time that Apple hops into a new wireless tech too late.

The first iPhone was launched back in 2007, and it only had support for 2G network even though 3G was available back then.

“And 2011’s 3G iPhone 4S came after users on competing platforms were enjoying the 4G network that remains the standard today,” Ars Technica notes as well.

Complicated relationship with Qualcomm

This time, Apple’s decision may be linked to its complicated relationship with chipmaker Qualcomm which is definitely the industry leader for cellular modems. They have been developing chipsets for Android phones that support 5G.

Ars Technica also notes that “However, the 2019 phones that support 5G will not do so without compromise; Qualcomm’s plans include 5G modems that are discrete from the system-on-a-chip (SoC) that includes a phone’s CPU, GPU, and, usually, the modem.”

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