The Elder Scrolls 6: Bethesda May Use A New Engine

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim proved to be a hit among fans and Bethesda has already announced a sequel that is likely to arrive by 2020.

While most sources claim that the game will use the Creation engine some voices argue that Bethesda may make the switch a brand new engine. The new engine may be officially unveiled in 2019 when Starfield is scheduled to launch.

A gambit of interpretation

Those that argue that a new game engine will be used base their theory on an earlier interview offered by Todd Howard, Bethesda’s Executive producer.

At one point during the interview Howard mentions that Fallout 76, the game on which Bethesda was actively working at that point, uses the old animation system. While no name was offered during the interview it is generally agreed that Howard was referring to the latest Fallout title. During the same interview Howard states that Bethesda is currently developing a brand new animation that will be used by future titles.

If Bethesda hopes to regain the trust of its once loyal fan base it will have to use a completely new engine in order to make them happy.

The developer is currently under heavy fire as fans, critics and media were severely disappointed by Fallout 76. While the game does feature some spectacular animations fans have been quick to create endless lists of flaws. The main problem is the buggy state of the title which goes beyond the traditional state of Bethesda game at launch and is closer to that of an unfinished product.

Fans have flooded the forums with hundreds of posts that paint a grim portrait. The game contains several bugs that were present in Fallout 4, prompting many to believe that Bethesda tried to launch a quick cash grab before releasing the next main titles.

Bethesda managed to constantly reinvent an aging game engine but a brand new one should be a priority for the publisher, even if Starfield and TES 6 will be delayed.

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