Grand Theft Auto 6: Top Predictions and Locations Leaks

TA fans are anxiously waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6. After the success of the previous one, the expectations for the next game are high, However, Rockstar did not offer us any details about GTA 6, so fans had to resort to speculations. Here are a couple of things that are believed to show up in the next GTA game.

Traveling between the “Americas”

According to several sites, a Rockstar team is currently working on a project that has the internal reference name “Project Americas”. Obviously, fans are convinced that this project is in fact Grand Theft Auto 6. The name does hint at the fact that we will be able to travel between North America and South America, which sounds exciting.

We also know that new locations will be included in Grand Theft Auto 6, which means that there should be new maps as well. We cannot wait to check out the new locations. Since South American will be included as well, we will have a chance to go to destinations such as Mexico.

Worth the wait

It is easy to understand why Grand Theft Auto 6 was not released this year. Rockstar focused on the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, and this was a good choice. We can already say that this game is a classic and it was appreciated by gamers and critics alike.  The quality of Red Dead Redemption 2 reminded us one more time that waiting for Rockstar games is worth it.

Therefore, we know that the developers will release Grand Theft Auto when the game is complete. Since GTA 5 was such a grand success, its successor cannot be a disappointment for the fans. We don’t know yet when GTA 6 will be released, but we are certain that it will be a hit.

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