Apple VP Says iPhone XR Is Its Most Popular Model Following Reports That There’s Low Demand For Some iPhone Models

WSJ reported not too long ago that there’s a really low demand for Apple’s latest iPhones.

This year’s iPhone models have been unfortunately met with a weak demand, at least it was much weaker than expected.

Demands for iPhone models, reportedly cut for the second time

It was also reported that the demand has been cut for the second time, according to a supply-chain report.

This comes right after previous reports were saying that Apple has reduced orders for both iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

Digitimes latest report, as announced by 9to5Mac, says this:

“Apple has reportedly enforced the second wave of order reduction in the wake of weaker-than-expected sales for its new iPhones [and] many other Taiwan supply chain partners are beginning to feel the pinch in November,” the report begins.

They continue and explain, “iPhone camera lens supplier Largan Precision, for instance, has estimated its November revenues will fall from October. Career Technology, a supplier of flexible PCBs for iPhones, has recently laid off 110 dispatched workers to cope with order cuts by Apple.”

iPhone XR is the company’s best-selling model

After all these reports, an Apple VP said that the XR is actually the company’s best-selling model that’s available on the market.

TechCrunch says that the statement comes from Apple VP Gregg Joswiak who said this in an interview with CNET.

He said that has the XR model has “been our most popular iPhone each and every day since the day it became available.”

Joswiak didn’t specifically comment on the WSJ report or any other reports that kept surfacing online and claiming that the demand for Apple’s devices has been cut not once but twice.

The iPhone XR was introduced by the company with a lower cost build in order to be suitable for the general public. The best thing about it is that despite the lower price the company didn’t chop off much in terms of computing power.

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