iPhone Orders Are Cut Again, Supply-Chain Report Claims – Apple In Trouble?

This year’s iPhone models have been unfortunately met with a really weak demand, at least it was much weaker than expected. Now, the demand has been cut for the second time, according to a supply-chain report.

Apple reduces orders for iPhone XS and iPhone XR

This comes right after previous reports were saying that Apple has reduced orders for both iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

Here’s Digitimes latest report, for now, announced by 9to5Mac:

“Apple has reportedly enforced the second wave of order reduction in the wake of weaker-than-expected sales for its new iPhones [and] many other Taiwan supply chain partners are beginning to feel the pinch in November,” the report begins.

They continue and explain, “iPhone camera lens supplier Largan Precision, for instance, has estimated its November revenues will fall from October. Career Technology, a supplier of flexible PCBs for iPhones, has recently laid off 110 dispatched workers to cope with order cuts by Apple.”

The same reports write that “An iPhone assembler has also advanced its workforce trimming project, seeking to reduce personnel cost and other expenses to counter the greater-than-expected reduction of orders.”

The publication revealed for the first time that Apple cut its iPhone orders about a month ago and this was suggesting a reduction of about 25%.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kou managed to add more fuel to the fire when he scaled back his own forecasts.

One important iPhone supplier is not hurting these days and this is the A-series chipmaker TSMC. This is said to be only because other clients have been “picking up the slack” as 9to5Mac puts it.

“Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has been little affected by a cutback in chip orders for Apple’s new iPhones as many of its other fabless clients are queuing for its 7nm process capacity, according to industry sources.”

Apple had issues before 

Apple triggered a lot of anxiety when the tech giant sopped reporting unit sales. This led some people to assume that the company has already hit the peak iPhone.

The future of the company is debated by a lot of voices in the industry these days because of all this.

Apple decided not to report iPhone sales anymore, and this led to people to assume that the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR are definitely in some kind of trouble.

Apple had to admit that there’s a sever hardware-related problem with its game-changing model, reports Forbes.

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