Pokemon Go – The Fossil Pokemon Return With The Latest Raid Boss Update

Since the ‘Let’s Go Eevee’ and ‘Let’s Go Pikachu’ has met its end in Pokemon Go, we welcome some new Raid Bosses in this hugely popular mobile game. The Let’s Go event we observed Pokemon like Exeggutor, Alola Raichu, Marrowak and the multiple evolutions of Eevee becoming available, although we begin to see that the Raids have seemingly began to revert back to various Pokemon from the Kanto Region.

The Tier 5 Raid Boss remains Cresselia until the middle of December but we noticed that the likes of Magikarp and Onix have made their way back to the Raids. Also, Raid staples like Buizel and Wailmer returned to the Tier 1 Raids which gives trainers a higher chance to pile up candies which they need to evolve the Wail Pokemon. Naturally, you can also add the Sea Weasel Pokemon to your collection from the Sinnoh Pokedex.

We see that there is a similar theme shared by the latest Raid Bosses in Pokemon Go and that consists of Electric and Rock types. We also saw that you can come across Pokemon which are needed to finish the Meltan Special Research Tasks.

There are some tasks which might require you to evolve or capture certain Pokemon. The latest Raid Boss update for Pokemon Go will allow you to finish one of these quests much easier. The eighth quest requires that you catch an Aerodactyl, which is also a reward for the task called ‘Hatch 2 Eggs’.

Or at least it was, since those quests are gone but don’t fret because the Flying and Rock-type Pokemon makes its appearance again, this time in Tier 3 Raids. Hopefully, we managed to bring some joy for your gaming experience and we wish you good luck.

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