Half-Life 3 Project Borealis – Made by Fans

Until recently, Half-Life fans have been waiting for the 3rd part of this awesome game. In August last year, Marc Laidlaw, the lead writer for Half-Life’s script teased a small part of what it appears to be Episode 3’s plot. The piece of controversial information was spread on Laidlaw’s blog and it was accompanied by other dazzling news.

According to the writer, the 3rd episode of Half-Life is created by a group of volunteer fans who were tired of waiting for Valve’s big launch. When the announcement was made, the team hadn’t figured out all the details, but they knew that the plot has to be built around Gertie Fremont, also known as One Free Woman.

The fan-made game received the name Project Borealis and is built according to modern technology standards

Fans decided to take the matter into their own hands because they were disappointed about the long wait and Valve’s silence concerning the release of Half-Life 3. Even if the team is making slow progress, because their work is volunteer-based, the other fans from the Half-Life community recently received an update on the 3rd episode of their favorite game.

The developers named this version Project Borealis and are hoping to make it as intense as Half-life 2 was. They are using Unreal Engine 4 database because they consider this to be a source of professional tools and productive workflow from the gaming industry. With the suite’s help, the team wants to offer Project Borealis players the best experience ever.

Apart from the new scenario, the volunteer developers want to update the gun catalog with modern weapons and make some steps towards a conclusion for the situation presented throughout the first 2 episodes. They consider that the Half-Life community should know how the story ends after 20 years of waiting.

We don’t know what the final version of Project Borealis will look like, but we are anxious to see it. So far, we cannot predict when it will be out, but let’s wait and see.

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