The World of Magic 2.4.7 Took Care Of Bugs

The first thing you should know about The World of Magic is that it was chosen as Google Play’s Featured RPG Game. Moving on, let’s get to it. Do you think yourself ready to become a hero? Then you must enter ‘The World of Magic’ which has the honor of being one of the first massive multiplayer online role playing game available for mobile devices.

The story of The World of Magic 2.4.7

The action is set in an ancient world where two forces are in conflict: the Siras Empire which is controlled by the young and ambitious Emperor Kanos, and the Kingdom of Lanos, led by King Roberto. You will have to join between these two sides and explore, take care of quests, and battle your way to the top!

The game will have you picking and choosing to be whoever you want between a brave ranger, a whimsical magician or a fearsome warrior! Of course, that’s not all. You will have the chance of owning your very own pet which will come in handy for you in your quests!

There are already more than one million players online! So, don’t wait any longer and join your fellows from all around the world as you can create your own guild and lead your team to victory inside the World of Magic!

Important features

The World of Magic will provide you with the opportunity of playing it endlessly. That is standard for the classic MMORPG-style gaming which is known for ending really hard. You will have to choose between 3 unique classes, magician, warrior or ranger. Then, another upside of The World of Magic is that it gives you the chance to experience ‘social gaming’ by putting you in contact with friends or strangers from all over the world.


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