Chrome Beta 71.0.3578.64 Will Show You What’s In Store For The Next Chrome Update

The browser development nowadays happens at incredible speed which means that you are never left waiting more than a couple of months from the next major upgrade being released. However, if when these updates happen so often, there are still people who are truly anxious and can’t wait anymore. For those people exists Chrome Beta 71.0.3578.64 which will give you a glance into the future.

Waiting that long might feel like forever for you and if you would like to sacrifice some security or stability in order to get an early look at what the new features bring to the table, then you will find that this beta version of Google Chrome is quite satisfactory. However, you have to remember that this is a beta version, so it is not stable enough yet to be considered a release worthy for the masses.

Rest assured though, you are not going to completely uncharted territory because it has at least undergone some form of testing by the even more adventurous Chrome users who installed the cutting edge alpha version (or build, Dev). This means that your life will be easier as opposed to theirs, with less glitches and crashes.

Another thing worth noting is that when you install this beta version, it will overwrite your current stable version from your phone since you can’t possibly run it side by side. The up side is that you will get automatic updates with the latest beta version, meaning that, as time passes, the browser will become more stable.

Of course, if you get sick or tired (or both) and you want to get back to the stable version, then you can always do that. You just have to uninstall the beta and reinstall the official version last released.

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