Google Play Services 14.5.74 Will Improve How You Deal With Apps

Google uses Play services 14.5.74 to update certain apps which are found inside the Google Play Store. Google Play services represents a component intricate to the whole system, providing core functionality like synching contacts, authenticating your own personal settings, gaining access to user privacy settings or low-power, high-quality location based services.

Google Play Services 14.5.74 – what does it bring to the table?

This APK is meant for developers so that he or she can take advantage of all the features provided by Google in order to better their app. Things like Google Maps or Google+ are just a few of Google’s immense potential which is now up for grabs with this app, that is also updated consistently.

By doing this, your users will get updates faster and you will benefit from an easier way to integrate the newest things provided by Google. When you wish to gain access to the latest products or features, you have to upgrade to a newer version of the Google Play services client library.

Client library

The interfaces for the individual Google services are contained inside the client library, which allows you gain access to these services using your users’ credentials after you obtain their authorization.

Also, you will be able of resolving runtime issues, such as disabled, missing, or old Google Play services APK through its APIs.


Google Play Services 14.5.74 comes in the form of an APK that contains each individual Google service and it will work in the background of your Android OS. The client library is what you must use to interact with the service running in the background and it will carry actions on your behalf.

The APK for the Google Play services is available through the Google Play store, this meaning that its updates are not dependent on OEM system image or carrier updates. You receive the update within a couple of days, provided that your phone is running Android 4.0 or higher.

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