iPhone 11 Latest Leaks – Here’s Everything We Know So Far

The latest iPhones were released recently, but users are already looking forward to knowing what is next. Despite the fact that the next iPhones are almost one year away, there are plenty of rumors and speculations already. We are ready to share with you some of the most interesting ones. Here’s what we heard about iPhone 11 so far.

The release date

We already know the release date for sure. Apple always releases new iPhones in September, so iPhone 11 should come out on September 2019. It is very unlikely that this will change. At the moment we do not know the exact date, but the month should remain the same one. This year the new iPhones were launched on 12 September.

How many iPhones?

If we take a look at the release history for Apple, it is very probable that we will release more than one iPhone next year. For example, we could get iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and a more accessible version, an iPhone 11 XR. Of course, Apple will probably change the names for them, but we expect the same types of devices to be released.


We don’t expect the pricing to change too much when it comes to the upcoming iPhones. If we take a look at the current prices we can see that the flagship costs $99, the high-end model is $1.099, and the cheaper version costs $749. We expect similar prices for the upcoming devices. If there will be any change, we can probably expect just a small rise when it comes to the prices for the top-end device. On the other hand, we might also get a price drop for the cheaper alternative. After all, there are still rumours that iPhone SE 2 will make an appearance.

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