These Are the Two Best VPNs for Chrome

There are some modern browser extensions that allow you do to things that you could’ve only done ten years ago on desktop software. Things like connecting to a virtual private network, a VPN, a server to be the mask of your location.

Most of the VPN services come with many user-friendly Chrome browser extensions, which represent the only one way to use a VPN service on a Chromebook, for example. Most of those extensions block the ads and track the cookies, and they disguise your location by using technical tricks.

We’re giving you the best 2 Chrome VPNs in this article


This one is good especially because you can use it just by making an account, which offers you about 10 GB of data each month. But if you want the whole package – to make the most out of the service’s dedicated streaming servers, you might have to sign up for the paid subscription. The prices are: for 12 months – $3.75 and for one month, only $4.50


With CyberGhost, you get a lot of streaming content, by using the free Chrome proxy extension. This comes with nothing more, no strings attached, not even a subscription. The thing is that it connects to only four countries, but it’s really good. The prices are: for 18 months, $2.75, for 6 months, $4.99, for 1 month, $11.99.

How do the Chrome VPN Extensions work?

Most of the Chrome VPN extensions require an account, be it free or paid. And most of them don’t even create real VPN connections. So the Chrome VPN extensions kind of just route the web traffic of the route by using a proxy server. Real VPN connections should encrypt and reroute the browser’s data and all the internet traffic.

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