Minecraft Cats and Pandas Available with A New World Ready To Explore Soon

Minecraft is one of the most successful games of all times. The world of gaming will definitely be poorer if this creative and imaginative world hadn’t been invented. Minecraft’s success led developers into creating different versions of the game, including the Pocket Edition, suitable for mobile use.

Over the years, the Minecraft world has been improved with many updates, but the creative team from Mojang is not going to stop soon. Now, fans are receiving some exciting news: they have the opportunity to explore a new world in Minecraft – Cats and Pandas.

The new version was revealed during X2018

Minecraft fans heard about Cats and Pandas during X2018. The new version means new friends, cute and cuddly creatures which will soon be found in the virtual world. The main reason for releasing Cats and Pandas is that developers wanted to make the players’ experience even more realistic.

There are a lot of gamers who love cats and seeing the felines in Minecraft will increase their homey feeling. What’s the idea with Pandas, then? Well, we can’t deny the fact that they are too cute not to be included. Besides, everything is possible in a game like Minecraft, including bringing Cats and Pandas together.

The release date hasn’t been announced yet

Gamers are very excited about the new version of Minecraft, but unfortunately, we don’t know anything about its release date. If we consider that the team of developers has been testing the beta version of Cats and Pandas since October, we could conclude that it won’t take long until we finally get to play it.

Players still have some questions about Minecraft Cats and Dogs, but they will have to wait until the game is released to find the answers. Once it’s out, the game can be found on all major platforms from the world.

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