Instagram Reveals Three New Shopping Features That Are Set To Benefit Retailers With Enhanced Exposure

Just ahead of the holidays, Instagram launches three new shopping features that will help retailers enjoy increased exposure for their products that they are usually promoting on the platform.

Instagram’s brand new shopping collection feature

Instagram users will be able to enjoy a shopping collection option that they can save products to.

After they tap on a product tag that’s in a Story or on a post from their feed, they will be able to tap that save icon from the bottom right corner of the image which will prompt a “save to shopping collection” option.

As an Instagram user, you will be able to access shopping collections from your profile if you want to browse your saved items later.

Shopping via video

This is the second great feature that Instagram implemented.

There’s a shopping icon in the bottom left corner of branded videos that surfaces the products that are featured in the video. This will make it much easier for users to view product prices.

New shop tab for business profiles

Instagram business profiles will also include a shop tab that allows users to browse products from that particular business.

The shop tab will also be including a feed of product images that can be clicked on in order to see product data and the post that featured that particular product.

The next week will be quite a busy week as you all know and with all these new features.

Instagram gave its retailers more ways to flaunt their cool products in front of users. This can be achieved without these retailers having to put tons of extra

The shopping collection, the new shop icon for videos and the business profile shopping tab are all positioned as user features, but they will ultimately benefit brands as well by increasing the exposure of their products that they are sharing via the platform.

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