WhatsApp vs. Telegram – Which Messaging App Is Better in 2019?

Technology has enabled us to communicate easily, and there are many apps which are meant to make the process as simple as possible. At the moment Telegram and WhatsApp are two of the most popular options, and each one comes with its own advantages. Let’s see what makes them different.


WhatsApp is supposed to respect the privacy of its users and messages are protected by end-to-end subscription. However, we cannot forget that Facebook owns WhatsApp, and Facebook has given us plenty of reasons not to trust it. On the other hand, we know that Telegram is not allowed in Russia because its funders refused to share users’ data with the government.


If you enjoy the “Story” feature that exists on both Snapchat and Instagram, you will probably like the fact that WhatsApp has it as well. Your status can only be seen by your contacts, and it can be a great way of sharing things with your friends. This is a feature that is missing on Telegram.

Group chats

Telegram definitely comes with better group chats. For example, on WhatsApp, there is a small group chat limit. Meanwhile Telegram comes with supergroups that can hold up to 100,000. However, one of the disadvantages is that these group chats can become quite crowded and it becomes difficult to follow the conversation.

Data usage

When it comes to data usage, things are pretty similar for these two apps. We weren’t able to notice any major differences. However, it is likely that Telegram can consume more data, because its file transfer limit is a lot bigger. Nonetheless, this would mean that you consume more data only when you are sharing large files.


This is a function that Telegram has, but WhatsApp doesn’t. Channels are used to post information, and a person can get it without actually joining a group chat.

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