Google Maps’ Latest Useful Feature Transforms It Into A Messaging App

Google Maps is evolving pretty nicely these days, according to the latest reports.  The app is transforming from a simple navigation tool that helps you get from one point to another into something more- a messaging app.

Google Maps now comes with lots of features that include a Yelp-like option to do a quick research on a restaurant for instance, and also share your ETA with family and pals.

Needless to say, Google loves it when people are spending lots of time in the app, so they thought that by allowing users to interact with businesses that you are trying to find, the app becomes another messaging app.

Google brings a messaging option with the latest update for Google Maps

Google rolls out an update that allows swiping in from the left and typing the messages option.

This brings brand new uses for the application. It looks like if you’re riding the bus for instance, and you have to get somewhere, and you don’t want to make a call in order to find out something, you will be able from now on to directly message the business (restaurant, shop, etc.) from Google Maps in order to obtain the required information.

“Now you’ll see your messages with the businesses you connect with via Business Profiles within the Google Maps app, where you’re already looking for things to do and places to go or shop,” Google explains in the official blog post.

“You’ll find these messages in the side menu of both Google Maps for Android and iOS.”

More than this, according to Google’s official announcement, you will be able to message a local business that has enabled messages, and the way in which you can find this out is to check for the button “messages” on a business’ profile on Google Search and Maps.

The post continues and explains, “On the flip side, businesses that want to accept messages from customers can install the new Google My Business app from Google Play or the App Store to sign up and enable messages.”

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