Spotify Releases The First Version Of Apple Watch Application

Spotify rolled out wearable apps across other platforms over the past few weeks, and now it launches the very first iteration of its Apple Watch app.

The watchOS app will roll out to Apple Watch users over the next week and users will have to own the latest version of the Spotify iOS app on their iPhones in order to download the app.

Similarly to Spotify’s other wearable device apps, the program for the Apple Watch focuses on controlling playback on your iPhone from the watch.

Users will be able to pause, skip, play and rewind their music, podcasts, and more tracks. They will also get the chance to add new music that they find in their libraries and like.

Most of these features (aside from adding music to the library) are available in Apple’s native Now Playing application that allows users to control playback from almost any audio source on their connected iPhone.

According to Ars Technica, “The Apple Watch app also has Spotify Connect support, which lets users manage connections and playback with Bluetooth devices. Directly from the watch, you can choose which devices—like laptops, speakers, headphones, and others—you want to play music.”

New features might be released shortly 

Spotify makes sure to highlight in their release notes that this is the very first version of its Apple Watch application and we assume that this means that brand new features will be on their way shortly.

Spotify also mentioned its ability to listen to music and podcasts offline.

Other apps such as Overcast and Audible are already allowing users to download podcast episodes and audiobooks to listen to them while offline.

This means that users can leave their iPhone behind and listen with some paired Bluetooth headphones.

This first iteration that Spotify has of its Apple Watch app resembles its recently launched Wear OS app.

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