Former Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom Believes That Anti-Bullying And More Policing Features On Social Media Are Vital

Social media channels are becoming a massively important part of our lives, and there’s no denying about this.

Addressing the issues of misinformation and harassment 

Instagram’s co-founder and former CEO Kevin Systrom believes that it’s highly important for the future of the world that social media companies are policed well enough and that they address the issue of misinformation and harassment that are going on, CNBC reported.

He said that the Russian meddling in the U.S. elections and the whole exploitation of Facebook user data by Cambridge Analytica have shown precisely how important social media companies have become over time and massive the implications that these giants’ reach has.

“You start to realize … how important it’s going to be for the future of the world that we police these things well, that we take it very seriously and put real resources against solving the problems now that you’re at this scale,” said Systrom, via CNBC.

Systrom left Facebook as head of Instagram back in September, and he didn’t call for regulation of social services.

Anti-bullying features are important

On the other hand, what he did was highlight the anti-bullying features that have been developed by Instagram under his lead. He gave these examples for good policing.

These features include letting users turn off comments on specific posts and using machine learning filters that can spot and stop bullying.

He also explained that “In an era when you can distribute information widely to the world very, very quickly and amplify it, what happens when you think some political figure said something they didn’t?”

Regarding the fact that he decided to leave Facebook he didn’t offer too many details on this decision of his. He simply said that not everything is always perfect, and that’s about everything he released for the media on the subject.

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