Google App v8.49 Latest Update Available to Download

Last Friday brought some exciting news on the Android scene. The day was chosen for the release of a new update to the Google app. This time, there are important topics to be discussed and they started from a teardown.

As you will notice, Google has something big for its latest APK. For example, image searches will be viewed from Lens through the screen, users can share Collections and some changes have been made to the layout of settings. Also, there are some clues that we might see a mysterious feature named Workspaces.

The features might not be available to all users

Most of the times, teardowns are based on issues found inside the APKs. Most of the times they are based on incomplete information, therefore they might be wrong or inaccurate. Until the information is confirmed or a product is released, we cannot consider anything 100% certain.

The additions from the new Google app probably haven’t arrived yet. If they are, not all users will be able to actually use them. Until we can see how they work, let’s find out more about them.

Google Lens

The new Google update refers to the Lens category as well. A view for seeing images used for searching was added. This is considered to be a good addition.

The possibility to share Collections

Collections replaced the old Saved Pages feature. It can be used for saving your favourite pages, images and locations in case you want to visit them again. So far, people couldn’t interact in this area, but Google is trying to give them this opportunity. In the future, users will be able to share the content from Collections with others.

Last, but not least, the new Google app version shows some minor changes in the Autoplay section and something called Workspace. The best way to see if the update works in your case is to download and install it. Don’t worry, it comes with cryptographic signature, so it’s absolutely safe!

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