Opera for Android 48 Download Available with New Improvements

Opera is usually a reliable browser, and if you use it for your Android device, you will be glad to hear that the latest version came with several improvements which are meant to improve the user experience. Opera version 48 comes with some exciting new features, and today we are going to discuss some of them.

Cookie blocker

In Europe, cookie hints are needed on most websites, but they can become quite stressing. The good news is that Opera managed to bring a useful new feature for them: an optional cookie hint blocker. This feature is available in Opera 48, and the stable version for it is rolling out now.

This new Ad blocker will prove very useful, and it is already the most popular feature of this update. If you want to block the privacy dialogue boxes and the cookie ones, you just need to head over to Ad blocking and enable this function.

Other features

Opera 48 comes with more than just an ad blocker. For example, now you also get to decide how you want your browser to start. You might choose to have your previous tabs reopened when you open Opera, or you might just a want a fresh tab.

Shopping online is also simpler than ever. If you want to save your credit cards for other purchases, you can do it with the help of your browser. When you buy something you will see a pop box of dialogue that will ask you whether you want to save your credit card. You can do the same thing for your passwords.

Reading incomprehensible texts from other websites is now possible, since Opera allows you to change the layout of a site by adjusting the text size. You will also see other changes, such as an improved autofill system.

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