Clash of Clans Breaks the Top Charts on Android

The real-time strategy games have they reached a high success through time. They are deeply engaging as the main goal is to create and elaborate different worlds in order to make the experience of the game worth the time.

The well known game, Clash of Clans used to be on high ranking a long period of time in the app stores’ top charts. The virtual game got so popular that in managed to spawn worldwide with a bunch of other games with similar names and icons. The words “clash” and “clans” become in trend for the game developers. It is fair to say that now days the rate of people playing Clash of Clans dropped dramatically, but counting down all the installs from the Play Store the game hits more than 500 million.

Clash of Clans was launched in 2014 by the Supercell and it is a free to play model real time strategy game for mobile devices which smashed the 500 million milestones on Android on November 5th.

Supercell released in 2016 the second game form the Clash series, called the Clash Royale, but it still has 100 million installs.

The virtual game Clash of Clans it is now widely available in all countries on Android. The concept of it is to create strategies make alliances and win fights with other villages. It is necessary for players to gain armies formed of wizards, goblins, knights, dragons and many other fictional mythical species.

Players grow in rank by winning Clan Wars until they reach the top being one of the strongest clan. Not to forget that Clash of Clans is a five star app on App Store

It is free to download and play the game, but there are some items which can be purchased with real money to make your game experience much complex. The age restriction from the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy is minimum 13 years of age.

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